Enable LEDs with rm’s kernel

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I’m using rm’s kernel but I couldn’t control my Cubieboard’s LEDs while using this kernel. If I used the stock kernel from Cubieboard’s hwpack it all worked.

First I thought it was disabled because I use the ‘server’ edition of the kernel, which is just a kernel with many disabled features a server doesn’t need to safe resources, but this wasn’t the case.

After some searching in the modules I saw that there is a module called leds-sunxi.

The only thing I had to do was to add the following code to script.bin:

leds_used = 1
leds_num = 2
leds_pin_1 = port:PH20
leds_name_1 = "green:ph20:led1"
leds_pin_2 = port:PH21
leds_name_2 = "blue:ph21:led2"

Then use echo "leds-sunxi" >> /etc/modules to load the leds-sunxi module on boot and reboot.

After the reboot it worked again, now with rm’s kernel. For more info about controlling the LEDs, take a look at this tutorial.


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