Pair PC with YouTube TV

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If you have a smart TV with the YouTube app on it, you can pair your TV with your phone or tablet in order to take control of the YouTube app with them.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pair your PC or notebook with the YouTube app. However, with this quick and easy workaround you’ll be able to do so.

In order to pair your TV with your PC, you should first get the pair code from your tv.

Then simply go to, enter the code and click Add.

I’ve tested this workaround with Firefox 20, but in other browsers you may need to change your User Agent before going to

Changing your User Agent

This setting may be only set for the tab you’re currently working on, so I advise you to open a new tab before changing the User Agent.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Install User Agent Switcher
  • Press the Alt key on your keyboard, the menu bar will show up
  • Click Extra > Default User Agent > iPhone 3.0

Google Chrome

  • Open the developer panel (CTRL + SHIFT + I)
  • Click the gear icon to open settings (located in the lower right corner)
  • In the tab Overrides check User Agent and set it to a mobile device

DO NOT close the developer panel as it will reset your User Agent, you can just resize it instead!

Now go to the pair page, you should change your User Agent back when you’re done!


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