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Release APK using Android Studio

1 minute read

I recently moved my Android projects from Eclipse (ADT) to Android Studio. I fixed some bugs so I wanted to update my APK on Google Play.

FileZilla SSH Keys (SFTP)

1 minute read

If you have a server with SSH/SFTP that’s accessible from the internet it’s a good idea to disable password authentication and use SSH Keys instead. This is ...

Ubuntu won’t suspend using TLP

1 minute read

I have installed TLP on my notebook with Ubuntu 14.04 to extend my battery life. Before using TLP I had laptop-mode-tools and pm-utils installed with some cu...

Speed up WordPress using InstantClick

1 minute read

I’m using nginx 1.4.7 + PHP-FPM 5.5.11 with OPcache enabled to host WordPress. This serves pages pretty quick (it takes ~800 ms to completely load a page inc...

dnsmasq 2.69 sudden timeouts

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday I upgraded from dnsmasq 2.68 to dnsmasq 2.69. After that, all DNS queries were resulting in a timeout.

Install Debian unstable (sid)

1 minute read

Debian is currently using the wheezy (stable) repository by default. This repository contains older versions of software (for example nginx 1.2.1) while ther...